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Dolan CIBSE Quiz Night Champion

Thomas Dolan, winner of the inaugural
CIBSE YEN virtual quiz.

The inaugural CIBSE YEN virtual quiz took place last month with participants taking part from CIBSE regions all around the world. The event was part of the current CIBSE initiative to welcome a broader audience for regional events, and to encourage cross-regional collaboration as geographic locations are no longer a barrier for participation, now that these events are taking place online.

With that in mind, the CIBSE YEN Ireland region hosted the first online CIBSE virtual quiz with CIBSE YEN Ireland Chair, Ryan Loney, assuming the role of host and quasi quizmaster for the event. In his introduction Ryan welcomed members from regions all over the world, and these included the CIBSE YEN Global Chair, Rebecca Neil and Vice Chair Gemma Taylor, who both took part in the event.

The quiz itself consisted of 71 questions with an eclectic mix of 1990s music, movie theme tunes, famous buildings, “name the app” and, what proved to be the most difficult round, “name the valve”. This turned out to be the unravelling of a number of contestants who showed some early promise, only to be undone by not knowing their strainer from their fixed orifice double regulating valve!

See full story at CIBSE Quiz edit

CIBSE YEN Ireland Virtual Quiz

We’re all aware of the selfless role of frontline health and care workers during this current pandemic so, on your behalf, we at CIBSE Ireland YEN are donating €500 each to two initiatives supporting these heroes. They are:—

Rod’s Kitchen in Dublin buildingservicesnews.com/news/rods-kitchen-plumbs-goodwill/

University Hospital Galway www.saolta.ie/news/technology-connecting-families-icu-university-hospital-galway

Click on links for more information.

However, we are also conscious that collectively, and individually, the CIBSE family is contributing to local initiatives, not to mention by way of professional services to critical-care facilities and other essential services.

So, take a bow all of you, take time out to have some fun, and enjoy the CIBSE Ireland YEN virtual online

Register here CIBSE YEN Virtual Lockdown Quiz flyer

‘Last man Standing’ controversy at JV Tierney

Pictured left is a gleeful Ronan Costello presenting the “Last Man Standing” winning cheque to a very sheepish-looking … Ronan Costello!

An investigation is underway in JV Tierney & Co into its most recent “last man standing competition” in which the organiser (accused?) Ronan Costello – with an address in Ardee, Co Louth – “won” in controversial circumstances.

Sources within JV Tierney allege that the competition was rigged. Our photographic evidence supports that assertion, showing as it does a grinning Ronan Costello very obviously presenting the winning cheque to … a very sheepish-looking Ronan Costello!

The chances of recovering the money are said to be slim, to none, as Ronan has seemingly spent the lot already on an engagement ring for his long-suffering partner.

Undeterred, Stephen Walsh at JV Tierney is now conducting an exhaustive investigation into the affair and has urged anyone with information, however small, to come forward.

Into the West … with Ryan Loney


Ryan Loney living the dream as he wholeheartedly embraces the spirit of the west.

When working in Dublin my perception was that everywhere the far side of the Shannon was some sort of wet, green wasteland. I pictured it as littered with Supermac’s where people spat on their hands to signify closing a deal (I’m sure my friends and colleagues in Galway will love me saying that!).

As the workload in Dublin got ever-higher in recent years, when the alarm went each morning I thought to myself, how long could I sustain myself financially if I didn’t go in to work at all. People often use the term “firefighting” when describing the modern workday grind but I don’t feel this does it justice … it’s more akin to stepping inside the reactor at Chernoybl every Monday and firing it up each week!

I used to think that unsuccessful people are unsuccessful because they sit around doing nothing. However, my experiences so far have taught me that it’s often more likely caused by taking on far too much, and never quite bringing any tasks or projects to fruition. That said, I can’t deny that I very much enjoyed my time in Dublin but I always felt that, in order to grow and develop into a more well-rounded engineer, I needed an opportunity to work outside of the capital.

So, when the opportunity presented itself – by opportunity I mean my partner telling me we’re moving to Galway next year – it gave me a unique chance to reinvigorate my passion for the industry while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance which was becoming increasingly difficult to do in Dublin.

I’ve been working with O’Connor Sutton Cronin and based in their Galway office since June of this year, although my role does involve the occasional trip to Dublin. To date I’ve found that projects in Galway don’t move at quite the same pace as in Dublin. Even more important still is that project management programmes operate in an environment where contractors, clients and designers work closely and form a reasonably-happy union. By contrast, some projects in Dublin were like a marriage gone wrong, even before the project arrived on site!

In my current role I’m split between our Dublin and Galway bases, the brief being to work with my colleagues to secure more projects in Galway by providing a quality level of service to our clients and design team partners

But so much for the work environment. What about the environment full stop? It has been an adjustment acclimatising to Galway weather. If Bob Dylan was right and the answer is indeed blowing in the wind, then someone from Galway must have heard it by now! I’m told the August we just experienced was “exceptionally bad” and that it’s not normally as wet. As wet? According to Met Eireann it rained 20 out of the 22 working days in August and, if I’m to be honest, I can’t recall either of the dry days.

Despite the perpetual wind and rain though, Galway is a city with an electrifying atmosphere and enchanting streetscape and scenery, not to mention the vibrant and friendly locals. It is an inclusive place bursting with art, music, culture and craic. It’s easy to see why visitors from all around the globe – including this one particular visitor from the east – have such an affection for it.

PS: I’m still Chairman of CIBSE Ireland YEN (Young Engineers Network) and continue to spread the CIBSE Gospel in the Galway region. Drop me a line at ryan.loney@ocsc.ie to get involved.

Expect another letter in the new year.