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‘Last man Standing’ controversy at JV Tierney

Pictured left is a gleeful Ronan Costello presenting the “Last Man Standing” winning cheque to a very sheepish-looking … Ronan Costello!

An investigation is underway in JV Tierney & Co into its most recent “last man standing competition” in which the organiser (accused?) Ronan Costello – with an address in Ardee, Co Louth – “won” in controversial circumstances.

Sources within JV Tierney allege that the competition was rigged. Our photographic evidence supports that assertion, showing as it does a grinning Ronan Costello very obviously presenting the winning cheque to … a very sheepish-looking Ronan Costello!

The chances of recovering the money are said to be slim, to none, as Ronan has seemingly spent the lot already on an engagement ring for his long-suffering partner.

Undeterred, Stephen Walsh at JV Tierney is now conducting an exhaustive investigation into the affair and has urged anyone with information, however small, to come forward.