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Sustainability starts with you!

Darren Yourell, Head of
Operations, Davies.

“Throughout our industry sustainability is at the forefront of design. We strive to achieve these targets with innovative technologies, intermeshed often with older design methodology. To truly achieve the goals we place upon the project and specification, we need to begin with our own mindset and values. Achieving sustainability is not an industry issue, it is a societal issue,” says Darren Yourell, Head of Operations, Davies.

“Sustainability stems first from our employees. In most companies people can often behave in ways that their organisation supports yet contradict their own personal values. Integration of this nature requires reconciling the gap between corporate and personal values. Future sustainability is a responsibility we all engage in, and this is our shared motivation at Davies.

“The Davies team is committed to choosing the right product for the right solution. From the outset of a project we ensure that the product(s) chosen are appropriate and will achieve the best results, while also integrating seamlessly with the whole system. This holistic approach is ingrained within The Davies culture, and constantly reinforced and strengthened through our continuous training programme on products, new technologies and software design tools.

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