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CIBSE Members Hardship Support

During the current challenges brought on by COVID-19 CIBSE Ireland would like to remind all CIBSE members who are facing financial problems that they can approach the CIBSE Benevolent Fund for help.

The Benevolent Fund was set up in 1933 as the IHVE Benevolent Fund. Since then it has provided assistance to hundreds of current members of CIBSE and their immediate family members, as well as former members and their dependants.

If you are suffering hardship during the current crisis, the Fund may be able to help – please contact your local almoner who will to assess your situation to see whether the Fund is able to provide support. The CIBSE Almoner can be contacted at cibseirelandalmoner@gmail.com. Alternatively you can email benfund@cibse.org

You can also visit www.cibse.org/cibse-benevolent-fund for more information

Keep safe.