Rates & Packages

Advertising Rates & Packages

Full page — €1700 (plus VAT @ 23%)
Half page — €1200 (plus VAT @ 23%)
Double Page Spread — €2000 (plus VAT € 23%)

PLUS Complementary editorial (two pages for one)
We also provide separate complementary editorial to support that, including images. So, for a full page advert, the client also receives a full page of editorial, including images, effectively making it a two-for-one offer.

Advertorial packages
In addition, we have a special advertorial formula to facilitate all-embracing stories/messages. This format is used where the standard corporate-style advert is insufficient to convey the message. This is a double-page spread — priced at €1900 (plus VAT @23%) — which we will write, design and make-up in conjunction with the client, with the client having full control over content, style of presentation, etc. Alternatively, the client can supply the finished pdf in print-ready format.

Web & Facebook Exposure
Apart from the printed edition, there is also an identical online version, freely available to all who wish to access it. The current and all back-issues are permanently accessible at the click of a button at (buildingservicesnews.com). They can be downloaded in seconds and are accessed in page-turner format which is akin to having the printed version on your screen. In addition, where email addresses and websites are listed on advertisements and in the editorial, they are hyper-linked back directly to the featured person/company address.

There is also the Building Services News Facebook page. Here again postings are linked directly back to the Building Services News website.

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