Zypho shower-water heat recovery

April 30, 2013 , , , ,

Zypho, an innovative shower-water heat recovery unit that is installed under a conventional shower tray, has been introduced to the Irish marketplace by Greentherm. Zypho recovers heat from waste shower water and passes it to the incoming cold water supply.

The pre-heated cold water is mixed with the hot water supply in the shower mixer valve. The result is that less hot water is mixed with the cold water, making for reduced energy costs.

The product can be installed in new construction or renovation projects. The resulting energy savings are increased in commercial scenarios such as sports clubs, swimming pools etc.

There is virtually no maintenance with the exception of occasional drain cleaning. It is manufactured from ABS plastic so it is extremely robust.

Contact: Enda Ruxton, Greentherm. Tel: 01 – 824 5790; Mobile: 087 – 224 1980; email: enda.ruxton@greentherm.ie

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