Rod’s Kitchen Plumbs Goodwill

April 10, 2020 , , ,

Rodney O’Connor, Rod’s Kitchen

It’s seldom you’d get to talk about food in the building services world but, when brothers Rodney O’Connor (Rod’s Kitchen) and Paddy and Shaun O’Connor (O’Connor Heating and Plumbing) got together in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it proves that both industries — and brothers — can work together to get something really special done.

Rodney — whose Rod’s Kitchen is just five minutes from Tallaght Hospital — was inspired by the doctors and nurses who came home form abroad to help with the crisis and came up with the idea of providing meals for the staff at the hospital. First he invited them to come to his premises but, such was the demand, one of his regular customers asked if he could deliver meals to the hospital, especially as the staff kitchens close on Saturday and Sunday.

This is where his brothers and the plumbing connection came in to play. To fully pay for the food and supplies, even for such a non-profit initiative, would have been too much for a small business so Paddy and Shaun used their contacts in the industry to raise donations for the cause.

Since the scheme started they have provided over 2500 meals for front-line nurses, doctors and hospital staff. Take a bow everyone involved.