Forgive me for being self-indulgent this month but, in trying to absorb the Nphet words of wisdom throughout this Covid pandemic, I’m afraid I’ve ended up suffering far more debilitating symptoms from NPHETitis than I did when I contracted Covid back in March. Talk about the so-called cure being worse than the disease!

Covid? … what I’m actually suffering from is NPHETitis!

Pat Lehane November 6, 2020 , , , ,
Exasperated Pat!!!!!

Why am I confused? No social/family gatherings should take place, with exemptions to this for weddings and funerals – Since when is a wedding or funeral not a social gathering?

Public transport will operate at 25% capacity for the purposes of services to get to work – If they are providing essential services surely they should have 100% support, not a drastically-reduced service!

There should be no organised indoor or outdoor events – Except of course for weddings or funerals!

Bars, cafes, restaurants and wet pubs may provide take-away and delivery services only. Wet pubs in Dublin remain closed – Can someone please explain the difference between a wet pub in Dublin and a wet pub located outside of Dublin?

There will be a penalty for any movement outside 5km of home – Unless, of course, you happen to be attending that wedding or a funeral!

See link to full pdf below

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