In this opinion piece Michael Curran, Chair, CIBSE Ireland, calls on all stakeholders – from regulators and legislators through to system designers, engineers, installers and manufacturers – to engage in round table discussions to ensure that the roll-out of heat pumps in commercial applications and public sector buildings is as successful as that of domestic heat pumps.

Commercial heat pumps — call for all-industry forum

Pat Lehane April 1, 2021 , , , ,

The Climate Action Plan 2019 sets an ambitious target of installing 600,000 heat pumps in domestic and non-domestic properties by 2030. It also has ambitions for the electrification of heating systems by way of decarbonisation of the electrical grid by 70% through wind and other renewable technologies.

Michael Curran, CIBSE Ireland Chairman

A lot of work and research has led to the uptake of domestic heat pumps in Ireland and the increasing figures show that additional funding models have helped Initial trouble-shooting and technical capabilities have been resolved and more reliable systems are now available.

While the domestic market is stabilised, the non-domestic heat pump market is not as well served. Project reviews and queries in relation to the provision of heat pumps as replacements for large gas/oil fired boiler houses are leaving designers nervous.

Research and pathway projects are looking at heat pump technology to serve The non-domestic market, and to meet the demands of thermal comfort in larger buildings. Air-to-water heat pumps are currently the favoured technology in some new and retrofit projects, although questions raised can be considered for all heat pump technologies.

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