Founded by Bob and Amy Gilbert in 1958, Manotherm Ltd is a name that is synonymous with instruments and controls, catering as it does for all industry sectors, from process and research industries through to building services. Despite the sector over the last 62 years, Manotherm has not only kept abreast of these developments, but has been to the forefront in pioneering their introduction.

Bob Gilbert — An Appreciation

Pat Lehane May 12, 2020 , , , , ,
Bob Gilbert

While there has always been a strong team at Manotherm, it is recognised across the entire industry that Bob was at its core. He was “Mr Instruments & Controls” in Ireland and his recent passing leaves a void that cannot be filled.

Apart from his in-depth knowledge and vast reservoir of experience, he was equally renowned as a very honourable man who, despite his strength as a tough negotiator, was also very fair. Indeed, there were many instances over the years where customers and individuals within the industry fell on hard times and he very quietly and discretely helped them out.

However, his somewhat serious and reserved business persona belied his sense of fun and adventure, his lust for life and new experiences, especially when it came to food. He had a unique personality and it was that, as much as his knowledge of the industry, that helped him accumulate an enviable portfolio of world-leading brands.

Bob was a devoted family man, he and his wife Amy being inseparable. Right from the outset they worked in the business together and today, 62 years later, Amy is still working in the business. That “family” ethos was extended to all employees with Bob spending a great deal of time mentoring individual staff members, no matter what their role.

He also encouraged them to go on training workshops and educationals with the various brands represented, so many got to enjoy travel to all corners of the globe, some at a very tender age. On such trips they were also encouraged to sample the culture, sights and culinary delights of whatever destination they found themselves in. He was a very generous host to them on such occasions, whether he was actually present or not.

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