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Building Services Roadmap Guide

Welcome to this special edition of Building Services News marking the 50th anniversary of CIBSE Ireland. It is appropriate that we dedicate an entire issue to this milestone achievement given our long association with the Institution. Founded in 1961, Building Services News has been involved with, and has supported, CIBSE Ireland from day one, and indeed has been its official media partner for many years.

As Publisher and Editor I have personally served on the CIBSE Ireland Committee since the late 1970s and so have first-hand knowledge of the incredible contribution it makes, not just to building services and construction, but to Ireland’s built environment as a whole.

As it is a celebratory edition, we are honoured that Paul Martin, the current CIBSE Ireland Chairman, agreed to act as Guest Editor. Rather than dwell too much on the past, Paul and I decided that we would use the occasion as a platform to highlight the challenges and opportunities that is building services engineering today, and to identify and predict what the future holds.

To this end we invited leading industry figures – representing a diverse range of roles and responsibilities within the sector – to give their views and opinions on where the industry is currently at, the key challenges it faces, and how these may/should be addressed. The response was overwhelmingly positive and I sincerely thank all the authors for their participation. It may be clichéd to talk of “roadmaps for the future” but, in this instance, I confidently proclaim this edition of Building Services News to be just that.

No matter what your involvement in building services, or indeed the broader built environment, you will be forever indebted to the industry figureheads featured here for the incredible insights they have shared. Read them, digest them, and then keep them close to hand for easy and constant reference. They will prove to be invaluable in your daily decision-making and, even more importantly, when charting future business strategies.

Pat Lehane                                                                                                                                                                  Publisher and Editor

‘Moving to a new world of building systems performance’

Professor Tim Dwyer

The symposium will platform to the latest practice and research from around the world in active and passive building systems that will shape an effective future for the built environment with minimum resource impact. The principal aim of the symposium is to encourage the participation of young and experienced researchers, and industry practitioners, to share experiences and develop networks.

The organisers have now issued a call for papers for possible presentation at the symposium. The invitation is for papers concerning research and development that may address the following:

• Enhanced building engineering solutions through modelling and prediction;

• Innovation in passive and active building systems;

• Design and operation of future cities;

• Improving the operation of the built environment;

• Maintaining and improving legacy building systems;

• The development and impact of benchmarks, standards and regulatory measures;

• Communication, skills and workforce development.

This list is not exhaustive but provides the intended context of the symposium that will focus on aspects that are of interest to CIBSE and ASHRAE members. Material is welcomed based on recent or current research and application, as well as the actual or potential impact of that research on the built environment.

For the first time the symposium in Dublin offers additional opportunities for the presentation of relevant case studies supported by keynotes (as opposed to a formal paper).

All papers will be peer-reviewed and published electronically through CIBSE. Selected papers may be developed for publication in BSERT.

For details visit: www.cibse.org/ symposium2014