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DIT building services students triumph at awards ceremony

Back Row: Seamus English (M.D. Hevac), Jim Rogers (Varming), Paul Devereux (Hevac), Brian West (CIBSE Chairman), Charles Dunn (RPS), Brian Clare (DIT) Middle Row: Emmett Doogan (level 7 Runner-up), Charlie Myles (level 7 Runner-up), Patrick Flaherty (Level 8 Winner), Robert Ralph (level 8 Runner-up) Front Row: Gregory Leonard (level 7 Winner), Stephen Lyons (level 8 Runner-up)

Back Row: Seamus English (M.D. Hevac), Jim Rogers (Varming), Paul Devereux (Hevac), Brian West (CIBSE Chairman), Charles Dunn (RPS), Brian Clare (DIT)
Middle Row: Emmett Doogan (level 7 Runner-up), Charlie Myles (level 7 Runner-up), Patrick Flaherty (Level 8 Winner), Robert Ralph (level 8 Runner-up)
Front Row: Gregory Leonard (level 7 Winner), Stephen Lyons (level 8 Runner-up)

However, it was Gregory Leonard who took first prize for his study on the role of building management systems. In his presentation Gregory took the audience through the complexities of Croke Park where grow lights and conferences rely on the BMS to keep the grass green and the buildings functioning successfully. His research included interviews with design consultants as well as facilities management personnel on site, to give a very effective cross-industry view from design through to implementation.

Level eight student Stephen Lyons’ paper was on his research into low-energy environmental design (LEED) standard by the US Green Building Council, with specific attention to lighting for offices. Stephen explored how LEED credits can be obtained from the lighting design while creating a better indoor environment using natural daylighting as well as energy efficient sources and suitable controls.

Robert Ralph investigated combined heat and power (CHP) units installed to reduce energy costs and improve the carbon footprint in the hotel industry. Matching thermal heat and electricity loads were reviewed, with cost benefit analysis undertaken that emphasised the benefit of financial incentives grant aid to provide an acceptable financial return on investment.

Patrick Flaherty scooped the top Level 8 prize with his presentation on the future potential of wind energy in Ireland, including case studies from the main wind farm installations in the country that demonstrated the financial success of the technology.

CIBSE Chairman Brian West and Seamus English from sponsor HEVAC presented the prizes, which included a welcome financial boost for the students who will become leaders of Ireland’s building services industry in the coming years.

Brian Clare of DIT brought proceedings to a close and thanked the sponsor and CIBSE for their long-standing support of DIT building services students.

Hevac Celebrates 40 years

While trading longevity has become less commonplace within the building services sector, especially in the light of the most recent market downturn, there are always exceptions that buck the trend. Hevac Ltd is a case in point. Incorporated in 1974, this year marks its 40th anniversary and a programme of celebratory events is planned for the remainder of 2014 to mark the occasion.

Hevac emerged from the heating and plumbing division of J.S. Lister Ltd, a group of engineering companies founded in the 1950s that included Lister Tubes, Steel Company of Ireland, Non-ferrous Metals and many others.

Having had addresses at Lomand Avenue and Ballymount Industrial Estate, Hevac moved its headquarters to Dorset Street in the 1980s, and the company continued to prosper under the private ownership and stewardship of John English. It also established “satellite” outlets in Santry (Dublin) and in Cork.

A period of substantial growth and expansion followed with Hevac moving yet again in 2001, this time to a purpose-designed 40,000 sq ft office and warehouse complex on the Naas Road, Dublin 12. A new Cork facility was developed at the same time with both locations using state-of-the-art mechanical handling systems, and crane and hoist systems, for physical management of steel tube and heavy steam/steel boilers.

Today Hevac continues to thrive with John English’s son and daughter, Seamus and Carol English, at the helm. New agencies and additional product lines are constantly added to its vast portfolio, especially in the commercial and industrial sector.

“This is obviously a very significant milestone for our company”, says Seamus English, “and I would like to acknowledge the contribution of all staff (past and present) to that success. Equally important is the successful and supportive trading relationships we enjoy with our broad customer base, and of course with our suppliers, including Building Services News.

“We look forward to a bright and prosperous shared future with all.”

Harleston Group Acquires Heat Merchants and Tubs & Tiles

Seamus English MD HEVAC

The trade and assets of Heat Merchants and Tubs and Tiles have been acquired from the High Court-appointed Liquidator of BHT Group by Harleston Group, the parent company of Hevac Ltd, for an undisclosed sum.

Of the 36 Heat Merchants branches throughout Ireland, 32 will be acquired, while 12 of the Tubs and Tiles branches will be acquired. Each branch will continue to trade as normal. Seamus English, Managing Director of Hevac said: “The acquisition of these businesses is welcome for several reasons. In effect, it saves and recapitalises two well positioned businesses which have been stressed for some time because of an onerous debt burden. It also adds strong networks and well-regarded brands to the Harleston Group.

“Harleston Group is a long-established company and we understand these businesses and the markets in which they operate. We intend to strengthen and develop the businesses in the medium to long term. We look forward to working with management and staff to address the challenges and revitalise Heat Merchants and Tubs and Tiles.”

Customers who have deposits with Heat Merchants and Tubs and Tiles (the acquired businesses) will have their deposits honoured by the new owners.