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Call for SDAR Awards Submissions

The SDAR* Awards is a joint initiative between CIBSE Ireland and DIT, supported by Building Services News. The awards are unique in that they are intended to disseminate knowledge, encourage research in sustainable design of the built environment, and raise the quality of innovation and evaluation of such projects. Short abstracts (between 100 and 200 words max) for entry into the SDAR* Awards 2019 are now being sought and must be submitted by Monday, 25 February 2019, directly by email to Michael McDonald of DIT at michael.mcdonald@dit.ie.

Entries are required to critically evaluate real-life data, and examine both successes and challenges within leading-edge projects throughout Ireland or further afield. This competition is open to architects, engineers and all professionals involved in construction projects. As the built environment has gained momentum and is delivering many excellent projects, this unique synergy between industry and academia allows greater potential for integration of modern low-carbon technologies and low-energy design methodologies.

The SDAR* Awards competition is intended to create a platform for the growth of applied research in the expanding green economy. Post-occupancy evaluation and similar critical appraisal of low-energy projects facilities the transition from ideologically-driven innovations, sometimes offering poor value, to evidence-based applied research that proves value or identifies weaknesses that the industry can learn from. These successes and failures help inform the professional community across all the building industry disciplines.

From the abstracts submitted by the 25 February 2019 deadline, a shortlist will be selected by peer review, and those selected will be invited to prepare final papers by March 2019.
Candidates that present at the awards also have a chance of publishing their papers in the SDAR Journal arrow.dit.ie/sdar/ This year’s final will take place in March/April 2019 in DIT.

For further information contact: Michael McDonald, DIT. Email: michael.mcdonald@dit.ie.

Calling All Building Services Engineers — Get Published!

SDAR LaunchThe SDAR Journal is Ireland’s authoritative source of information for engineers, researchers, designers and all involved in building services, and the broader built environment. Its strength is that all the published articles represent exhaustively-analysed real-time data gathered over a significant post-occupancy period. In addition, all are peer-reviewed before being accepted for publication.

A key factor is that they report the good and the bad results, the objective being to disseminate insightful findings to the industry at large so that all can learn, and benefit from, evidence-based research data.

The SDAR Journal is a DIT-led initiative representing the successful collaboration between the building services professional community and academics and researchers in the education institutes. It is published annually and distributed with Building Services News by post.

It is also published online on the Building Services News website, and arrow.dit/sdar/, the DIT electronic publishing site.

If you have valuable/interesting post-occupancy information on a project to share with the building services community, then contact Dr Kevin Kelly at kevin.kelly@dit.ie or keith.sunderland@dit.ie  

SDAR Journal 2013 official launch

Professor Gerald Farrell, Head of School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, gave the welcoming address with Martin Shanahan, Forfas Chief Executive, formally introducing the Journal and linking it to opportunities in the green economy.

Professor Brian Norton, DIT President, responded and then Dr Kevin Kelly, Head of School of Multidisciplinary Technologies – and SDAR Journal Editor– spoke about the contents. Dr Mike Murphy, Dean of College of Engineering and Built Environment, closed the proceedings.

The SDAR Journal is now an annual research journal published jointly by CIBSE Ireland and the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering in DIT, with Electric Ireland as the third sponsor. Up to now, papers have been mainly by Irish authors about Irish projects. Initially, the plan was to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly of the application of low-energy projects in the built environment in Ireland.

To a large extent that is still the main objective but for next year’s edition the publishers also want to encourage more of the SDAR Journal’s many international readers to submit papers. Indeed, this current edition includes the first international papers. One is a joint paper from Belgium and the UK on demand-controlled mechanical extract ventilation system, while the other is from a world-renowned UK expert on daylighting of buildings.

To submit abstracts for the SDAR Jurnal 2014 log on to http://arrow.dit.ie/sdar/

SDAR Journal 2013

Kevin T. Kelly C Eng FCIBSE FSLL FIEI; President SLL; Head of School of Multidisciplinary Technologies, College of Engineering & The Built Environment, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Dear reader, welcome to the third of what has become an annual journal published by CIBSE Ireland and the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering in DIT. This is a successful collaboration between a community of professional building services engineers with academics and researchers in the largest higher education institute in Ireland.

We will maintain a once-a-year publishing frequency while the number of entries and level of papers remains at its present rate, but we may increase the frequency of publication if the number of goodquality entries increases.

Up to now, papers have been mainly by Irish authors about Irish projects. Initially we wanted to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly of the application of low energy projects in the built environment in Ireland. The intention was to encourage applied research and postoccupancy evaluation in low energy engineering of construction projects, publish the results to disseminate insightful findings to the industry, and so help improve practice on the ground in Ireland.

To a large extent that is still our main objective but we also want to encourage more of our many international readers to submit papers. This current edition includes our first international papers. One is a joint paper from Belgium and the UK, which featured in the CIBSE Symposium in Liverpool in 2013. This might whet the appetite for the 2014 CIBSE/ASHRAE International Symposium to be held in DIT, Kevin Street Campus, Dublin, on 3/4 April 2014. The other international paper is also from the UK, from a world-renowned expert on daylighting of buildings.

If you have post-occupancy evaluation data, interesting feedback on low energy installations, or new ideas you have tried and evaluated, then please submit your proposals online to arrow.dit.ie/sdar/

All our previously-published papers are there alongside papers from the 2013 International Lighting Conference from Dublin. We would be delighted to receive your abstracts or ideas and can offer assistance and support in writing up papers.

Working engineers in industry have access to data and are often data rich and time poor, while researchers in academia are data poor but sometimes have some time for research. We in DIT will help you interrogate your data in order to publish a scholarly paper. If you would like to explore this then please contact me at kevin.kelly@dit.ie

SDAR Journal Call for Papers

Further to the enormous success of the inaugural SDAR Journal first published last year, papers are now being sought for consideration for inclusion in the 2012 edition, both printed and online versions.

The SDAR Journal is a joint collaboration between the CIBSE Ireland Region and DIT. The objective is to encourage and promote applied research in sustainable engineering design of the built environment and to disseminate the findings back into the industry.

Evidence-based evaluation is applied research and every project is an individual case study waiting for analysis. Publication of that applied research allows everyone to learn, to increase the quality of what they do, and to provide clients with enhanced value.

The quality of papers selected for inclusion in the SDAR Journal are judged not so much by the success of the particular project, but more by the insight produced by the findings, and the quality of evidence and analysis presented. There is as much, if not more, to learn from mistakes and the things that go wrong as there is from the things that go right.

All papers must be evidence-based, and they will be critically reviewed by engineering peers and engineering academics to ensure good quality and authentic findings.

We encourage professionals involved at all levels of the built environment/building services/electrical services/energy management/building management controls/facilities management and other associated sectors — be they senior working engineers/researchers, young engineers, post-graduates or undergraduate students — to present papers for consideration of inclusion.

Making a submission could not be easier. Simply log on to: arrow.dit.ie/sdar/ for Submit Article

For advice/guidance contact:

Dr Kevin Kelly at email: Kevin.kelly@dit.ie