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DIT-led initiative on building engineering

Ciara Ahern, Head of Building Engineering, DIT

The urgent need for building engineering graduates has resulted in key industry players joining forces with the ACEI and DIT to promote the Level-8 building engineering course being delivered by DIT in Bolton St. Among the companies supporting the initiative are Jones Engineering, Sirus, Haughton & Young, Designer Group, Ethos, Varmings, Axis, Dornans, OCSC, Metec, Homan O’Brien and Cundall & Partners.

The DIT-led initiative is spearheaded by Ciara Ahern, Head of Building Engineering at DIT and comprises a dynamic advertising and PR campaign taking in all media formats, from traditional print and radio through to Facebook and other online platforms.

In announcing the campaign Ciara highlighted the immense potential for career development in the area, pointing out that the discipline isn’t very well understood, but that it is now at the vanguard of a new engineering revolution that is key to meeting global climate change targets.

She also detailed the excellent career opportunities it presents, stating that building engineers are the highest paid engineers in the construction sector, earning a starting salary that is typically €5,000 more than other graduates”.

Jim Curley, Group Chief Executive at Jones Engineering Group, said: “DIT is an innovator in the building engineering discipline and we are delighted to support the Institute’s campaign. There is a shortage of graduates with the building engineering skills needed by industry and all sectors should actively get behind this initiative.



MAI for Kieran Butler

Pictured at the Winter Commencements in Trinity College are Dr Roger West and Kieran Butler.

Pictured at the Winter Commencements in
Trinity College are Dr Roger West and Kieran

Kieran Butler, Jones Engineering, has been awarded a Masters Degree in Engineering from Trinity College for a research thesis titled: “Increasing productivity by integrating lean concepts into construction project management.”

He is currently completing a paper from the thesis and hopes to have it published in one of the Project Management Journals for peer review.

Having spent two years working on it Kieran is trying to generate some local interest in his thesis and perhaps get some feedback in this way.

Contact kibutler@tcd.ie