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Paul McEvoy Joins John Sisk & Son

Paul McEvoy, Building Services Engineer, John Sisk & Son

Paul McEvoy has joined John Sisk & Son Ltd and is now working on a large mixed-use development project co-ordinating the mechanical and electrical services. Paul is widely-known and respected within the industry and, despite his young years, has quite a depth of experience across a number of industry segments.

After graduating from Heriot Watt University (Edinburgh) with a degree in architectural engineering (having previously studied building services engineering in DIT), Paul worked on the design and specification of building services plant for Hevac, before moving to sister-company Origen Energy to work on renewable energy technology systems.

Here his work focused mainly on heat pump and combined heat and power (CHP) system design, while also working with Polytherm Heating Systems (another Hevac Group company) on the design and specification of large commercial under floor heating projects.

He joined John Sisk & Son just before Christmas of last year and is now looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges this post will bring.

Contact: Paul McEvoy, John Sisk & Son. Tel: 087 – 614 2794; email: p.mcevoy@sisk.ie


Another Side Of … John Smith — Archer

John Smith, John Sisk & Son

John Smith, John Sisk & Son

John took up archery at the relatively late age of 17, after too many injuries playing rugby meant he had to find a less-exertive sport. Introduced to it by a friend, he took to it with his customary all-o-nothing commitment, shooting anything up to 350/400 arrows a day in training at his peak.

There is a certain irony in the fact that archery is now taking a back seat to his career when it was his prowess at archery that saw him through his building services degree in DIT, right up to his Masters, on a sports scholarship. Apart from the high of once being ranked among the top 100 archers worldwide, John has had some notable achievements over the last few years.

On the home front he is still the current national record holder for Full Fita (1380) and Double Fita (2746); for the 90mts (336/360); and the 50-metre, 15-arrow match play (146/150); he was Outdoor National Champion in 2012; Silver National Champion in 2013; and 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Irish Open and Irish Series in 2015.

There are also indoor tournaments and here again John performed with distinction. His successes include ISAA National Champion 2010-2015; ISSA Indoor National League 2011-2015; and 80/240 European Archery Festival 2014.

His international honours include coming 8th and 6th respectively in the Senior Euronations in 2010 and 2011; winning silver in both the mixed team and mens’ team events at the European Grand Prix in Bulgaria in 2012; 9th in the World University Archery Championship in 2012 in Spain; and 17th in the Individual World University Games in Korea in 2015.

John has also coached and has acted as Junior Irish Compound Coach to Irish teams participating in various world championships and cups. In 2015 Lauren Gaynor won the Junior Ladies Compound World Cup Stage in Marakesh under his tutelage.

John says that archery is 10% physical and 90% mental. It is all about staying calm, keeping you breathing relaxed and your heart beat low. Not so easy when representing you country on the world stage, but its what has to be done as the slightest movement can have a major impact on success or otherwise.

As this illustrates, archery is a very technical sport and not at all like the romanticised, gung-ho adventure exemplified by innumerable Robin Hood movies. That said, John did have his own Robin Hood moment during a world qualification round in Poland when he perfectly speared an arrow already in the target as per the grand finale in many of these movies.

ISO50001 accreditation for John Sisk & Son

Padraic O'Connor Building Services Department Manager Ireland with Ruth Riordan Sisk Energy Co-ordinator receiving the ISO50001 award from John White, Business Development manager BSI Ireland.

Padraic O’Connor, Building Services Department Manager Ireland and Ruth Riordan, Sisk Energy Forum Co-ordinator, receiving the ISO5001 award from John White, Business Development Manager, BSI Ireland.

The SISK Energy Forum was formed in October 2014 and is led by Building Services Department Manager Padraic O’Connor. It aimed to take advantage of the extensive skills base that exists within the company and comprises representatives from all eight of its Irish and UK operational business units.

One of the most significant challenges encountered by the forum was the analysis and comparison of key performance indicators for energy usage across all of the company’s construction sites, as many variables such as the type of project, duration, method of construction, site working times, site accommodation arrangements, commissioning duration etc made it difficult to produce accurate comparative data.

SISK’s focus in the shorter term is therefore to control the inputs to energy use by way of the introduction and planning of energy-efficient designs to their temporary electrical installations, combined with procedures and guidelines in the use and selection of plant and equipment to help in the reduction of energy usage. “Zero Energy Waste” is now the SISK energy policy.

Justin Keane — Living the Life in Doha!

Justin Keane, Technical Services Team, KEO PMI International, Doha

Justin Keane, Technical Services Team, KEO PMI International, Doha

I have been very privileged to have worked on some fantastic one-off projects in Ireland with Homan O’Brien Associates and John Sisk & Son in particular. These include the Agricultural and State Laboratories, the iconic Convention Centre Dublin and Microsoft Date Centre DB5. But now I needed a new challenge.

My wife and I had been talking for some time about leaving Ireland and giving something new a try. Our little family was underway with Sam now two years old and my wife pregnant. We felt it was the perfect time to make the move. I’ve always liked challenging roles and new experiences. The construction industry in Ireland was quite stagnant and the potential for large-scale interesting projects in the short-term future just wasn’t there.

We researched Australia and Canada and although there were interviews and subsequent offers made for both, they were just not right for us as a family in one way or another. An old Sisk colleague and now close friend had already left Ireland for Doha, Qatar to work as a senior QS, and was really enjoying the move. So I researched Qatar and, as it turned out, both my wife and I had some other former colleagues and old friends who had also successfully made the move to Qatar.

The more we spoke with them about living and working conditions, plus the construction boom underway in the country, convinced us it was a good choice. I asked my contacts in Qatar about reputable companies and also conducted my own further detailed research. The name KEO International Consultants popped up over and over  again, with positive feedback from my friends on the ground, multiple awards across all its disciplines, and a company that was well established in the Middle East since 1964.

I applied for a position with KEO and within two months I had conducted a number of administration checks, interviews, contract negotiations and was offered a position. I am now part of the Technical Services Team within KEO PMI International Doha. This team consists of a dynamic multi-disciplinary group of five senior professionals (Elec, Mec, Fire, Structure and Arch) with a positive “can do” attitude, led by Shahid Chaudry, Senior Architect and Technical Services Team Leader, Doha. My role within this team is as the electrical lead.

We conduct design and constructability reviews for all projects within the offices at different design stages prior to the projects going to tender. We provide design input, technical research, site inspections and  management as and when required.

My experience leading the delivery of the first ever BIM project with John Sisk in Ireland has been invaluable, enabling me to bring this knowledge base to KEO and to take the BIM lead for the Technical Services Team here in Doha.

The diversity and scale of the projects available to work on with KEO is fantastic and in just six months I have worked on an Olympic standard sports hall and a mega zoo with an indoor rain forest. Qatar hosted the 2015 Handball World Cup which was a great success and ended with Qatar losing in the final to France.

I worked on the Lusail multi-purpose Sports Hall, a Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) project, which held the event. This venue will also house many high-profile basketball and volleyball competitions. This massive 387,123 sq m project comprises a main hall, main arena, two training halls and lots of other facilities for athletes, operators and spectators.

Another project I’m working on is the new Qatar Zoo. This spreads over 75,000 sq m and has themed areas such as Asian Walking Safari, African Walking Safari, Tree House Hotel and Dining with Giraffes. My favorite, and the main attraction, is the Rain Forest enclosure. The profile of the roof is rolling hills and the complete enclosure will utilise ETFE technology for the structure. We need to maintain an ambient design temperature of 29ºC and relative humidity of 80% to replicate the conditions of a South American rainforest, not easy in a dry, subtropical desert climate!

All of these projects bring their own  individual challenges right across the project life cycle. What is important for us as the Technical Services Team is to ensure we conduct meaningful and insightful reviews as required. At times, the reviews are conducted at various “percentage design completed” stages, so it is important to ensure that the output of the review isn’t telling the design team what they already know but instead providing insightful, constructive comments that will benefit the project, the team, and take full advantage of early identification of potential issues, delivering better projects for our clients.

What I also find very interesting working on the likes of these projectsis the innovative technology that is being used and considered to ensure that projects comply with the Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) and receive satisfactory rating on completion. EFTE technology, rain forest rainwater recycling, utilising the outside air make-up when possible through various control systems, and photovoltaics are some of the technologies incorporated into these designs.

But what of Qatar itself? It is a really good spot and you can enjoy yourself here just as much as you can in Ireland with one big difference – the sun is always shining! I am quite an outdoors person and there are lots of outdoor activities on offer that are all reasonably priced. Day time you can go quad biking on the rolling sand dunes, rent a dhow (a traditional Qatar trading vessel), jet skis and banana boats. At night time dhow trips give amazing views of the Doha skyline with its unique mix of exterior lighting icons. These dhow trips are accompanied by fresh food and friendly service.

Swimming pools, water parks, basketball courts and soccer pitches are all pubic amenities in abundance, while even rugby and GAA pitches can all be found. In the main the Irish enjoy themselves in the traditional way in the likes of Doha Rugby Club, Crossroads, Champions Bar, Radisson Blue, Rose and Thistle … the list goes on and on! Beers and spirits of all kinds are on offer, including pints of the black stuff!

There is also some fantastic sightseeing in Qatar such as a visit to the Museum of Islamic Art and the Souq Waqif, a traditional old market place. I often go to the Souq Waqif to get lost in its little side streets, have a coffee and just chill out. Katara, a cultural village, is also a good spot with many Arabic restaurants and cultural events held all year round.

There are so many different cultures and religions in Qatar with thousands of expats from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Africa, China, Pakistan, the Philippines and many more. The Qatari people are very proud of their history and heritage but also very open. They are interesting, pleasant and like the Irish. Arabic is the official language but English is widely spoken. Qataris respond positively if you smile and at least greet them in Arabic. They will then happily continue the conversation in English.

What advice would I give people considering a similar move? Do your research and prepare detailed budgets. It is also vital to get advice from people living and working in your location of choice. HR departments and Public Relations Officers (PRO) will play a major role in ensuring that the move for you and your family runs smoothly.

Choosing the right employer is critical. From the very outset KEO has been fantastic for us, going to great lengths to make sure we settled in both personally and professionally.The change in lifestyle is quite dramatic but they have been very supportive and reassuring throughout the whole process.

We’re now more than half a year into the move and so far it has been a very positive experience. l’m looking forward to the next few years in Qatar as it continues to build on its “National Vision 2030” and also gets ready for this small tournament in 2022!

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SDAR* Awards 2013 entry deadline

The SDAR* Awards is a joint initiative between DIT and CIBSE, supported by bs news, and sponsored by John Sisk & Son. The awards are different to other competitions in that they are intended to encourage research, disseminate knowledge gained from this research, and raise the level and quality of innovation in projects.

Entries must critically evaluate what they are doing and examine, in a transparent way, mistakes as well as successes on innovative projects. In this way the building services profession builds capacity to innovate successfully, and moves from ideologically-driven projects offering poor value to evidence-based innovations that add value.

One-page abstracts are due in by Wednesday, 12 December 2012, for all entries into the SDAR* Awards 2013. They should be emailed directly to Michael McDonald, DIT at email: michael.mcdonald@dit.ie