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Hevac Looks to the Future with Garrett White as MD

Garrett White, Managing Director, Hevac

Garrett has been with Hevac for 20 years and his career path has very much mirrored the development and evolution of the company over that time. So, it is appropriate that he should now assume the role of Managing Director as Hevac embarks on the next next stage of its development.

“Our industry is changing and it is important that we move with it”, says Garrett. “The challenge is to focus on getting that right, based on an offer of value-for-money with quality, reliable products and unrivalled customer service. This includes everything from on-time, in-full deliveries to in-house technical design capabilities and after sales service support. We have recently streamlined pre-order and collection systems in an effort to make engagement with our trade counter staff more efficient, while also focusing on continual improvement of our comprehensive local and nationwide delivery service from our two Dublin-based branches and one in Cork.

“We have a dynamic team here at Hevac, and one that represents a wealth of experience within the business. In addition, we carry over 6,500 unique products in stock with thousands more available to order. Moreover, this figure rises to 11,000 given the ready access we have to the ex-stock product holdings of our sister companies Tubeco, Origen and Polytherm. We truly are a one-stop-shop for the heating, plumbing and mechanical services industry.

“An added strength of the close working relationship we enjoy with our sister companies is that we can supply the most comprehensive and efficient district heating system combination that includes boilers, CHP and HIUs, through to underfloor heating and distribution pipework.

In recent years we have built on this capability to include full ‘design and build’ packaged plant room and flue installation services, along with a full AHU and ventilation product portfolio. “This is delivered by Hevac’s dedicated specification design team of fully qualified and experienced building services and mechanical engineers which is led by Paul Devereux. Paul and the team ensure that design assistance, guidance and technical support are provided to our customers.

 “As we look to the future, we are squarely focused on customer service. We truly appreciate every order we receive and we operate on the principle that customer satisfaction equals repeat business and we welcome every opportunity to prove ourselves in this regard”. 

John English – An Appreciation

John English

John English

His drive and business acumen set him apart from many of his contemporaries, and his personality was such that he engaged with people in a way that they too benefited from these strengths, and were encouraged to realise their own potential.

He was a very strong and at times forceful character but his leadership skills meant he brought people along with him, people believed in him and bought in to his ideas and the company philosophy. Indeed, it is no surprise that many of those now running very successful businesses in the sector were “students” of John and “graduates” of the Hevac regime.

Known variously as John, Sean or JP, he was a unique man who, despite his enormous success in business, kept his feet very firmly on the ground. The massive turnout for his funeral bears testimony to the mark of the man, not so much as a businessman but more as an incredibly decent human being who personally touched all who came into contact with him.

It is impossible to capture the essence of John English in the space available here but the three personal memories we have included do go some way to doing that.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.                                                                                                     Pat Lehane

Incredibly generous with his time                                                                                                                         I first met John when we played hurling together at Under 14 level and, over the years as we progressed up through the various age groups to minor level, we developed a strong and lasting friendship. This friendship not only continued but strengthened as we became adults and began to make our way in life. In fact, there was a time when we used to meet regularly in London when I was working there and John would be over on business.

It was during this period that we conceived the idea for the Tipperary Supporters Club and the incredible success of this initiative cemented our enduring lifetime friendship. We met regularly on Club business and of course travelled extensively together to matches all over the country.

John – or Sean as he was to me – was extremely generous. He sponsored teams at all levels and was always very supportive when it came to fundraisers such as the many golf classics we organised. However, even more important was that he was incredibly generous with his time and always available to help solve a problem, or simply to be there and listen. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of him.  Don O’Mahoney

Wanted nothing in return                                                                                                                                         I met John in 1986 when I was the Tipperary hurling manger and John was one of the founding members of the newly-established Tipperary Supporters Club. Back then county board resources were thin on the ground and … we had not a shilling to buy a hurley or a sliothar.

Right from the outset the Tipperary Supporters Club was a huge success. Throughout my time in charge of the Tipperary hurling team we went from the doldrums to winning five Munster Championships and two All Irelands. Without the Tipperary Supporters Club that would not have happened. John English typified the type of people we had on board … GAA people at heart who, like John, gave it their all and wanted nothing in return.

John and I became firm friends. From meeting up regularly at meetings and fund-raising events, and of course travelling to games, this relationship extended to our wives also. As a result Nancy and I and John and Martha became very close and indeed they both joined us on the many Tipperary team trips abroad.

There were times over the years that I went to John for support and advice on various matters, both personal and re the team, and he was always very generous with his time. I did not always like the answer I got but he was always right.

Nor was it just about friendship. John was the type of man that you genuinely respected, something which extended to all the players, at every level, who were lucky enough to come into contact with him. He will be missed by everyone he touched.                                                                                                               Babs Keating

You aspired to be like him                                                                                                                                   The John English I knew was an old-style gentleman … and a very kind and gentle man. He was also an incredible businessman, a tough task master but a very supportive and fair one. He was a strong leader but it was not a case of his way or nothing. He always encouraged your input.

I worked for him for 42 years and not a day went by that I did not look forward to going to work. Under his guidance I enjoyed a wonderful career path at Hevac, being given more responsibility and more senior roles as time went on. I was fortunate in that I worked very closely with him, especially when it came to facts and figures. He loved statistics and had an incredible grasp of the finer details at a time when computers were nothing like they are today.

His attention to detail was amazing and he had his finger on everything. He did not hide away in his office but instead spent his time on the floor. This was not in an intrusive way though. From the most junior to the most senior staff member, he treated everyone the same. He knew the role they played in the company but also knew them personally. He regarded Hevac as one big family.

He had a wonderful personality that rubbed off on all who worked for him. He inspired an incredible loyalty in people and you always wanted to do your best for him. Look at me, 42 years later and still here.                                                                                                                                                                             Evelyn Carroll

DIT building services students triumph at awards ceremony

Back Row: Seamus English (M.D. Hevac), Jim Rogers (Varming), Paul Devereux (Hevac), Brian West (CIBSE Chairman), Charles Dunn (RPS), Brian Clare (DIT) Middle Row: Emmett Doogan (level 7 Runner-up), Charlie Myles (level 7 Runner-up), Patrick Flaherty (Level 8 Winner), Robert Ralph (level 8 Runner-up) Front Row: Gregory Leonard (level 7 Winner), Stephen Lyons (level 8 Runner-up)

Back Row: Seamus English (M.D. Hevac), Jim Rogers (Varming), Paul Devereux (Hevac), Brian West (CIBSE Chairman), Charles Dunn (RPS), Brian Clare (DIT)
Middle Row: Emmett Doogan (level 7 Runner-up), Charlie Myles (level 7 Runner-up), Patrick Flaherty (Level 8 Winner), Robert Ralph (level 8 Runner-up)
Front Row: Gregory Leonard (level 7 Winner), Stephen Lyons (level 8 Runner-up)

However, it was Gregory Leonard who took first prize for his study on the role of building management systems. In his presentation Gregory took the audience through the complexities of Croke Park where grow lights and conferences rely on the BMS to keep the grass green and the buildings functioning successfully. His research included interviews with design consultants as well as facilities management personnel on site, to give a very effective cross-industry view from design through to implementation.

Level eight student Stephen Lyons’ paper was on his research into low-energy environmental design (LEED) standard by the US Green Building Council, with specific attention to lighting for offices. Stephen explored how LEED credits can be obtained from the lighting design while creating a better indoor environment using natural daylighting as well as energy efficient sources and suitable controls.

Robert Ralph investigated combined heat and power (CHP) units installed to reduce energy costs and improve the carbon footprint in the hotel industry. Matching thermal heat and electricity loads were reviewed, with cost benefit analysis undertaken that emphasised the benefit of financial incentives grant aid to provide an acceptable financial return on investment.

Patrick Flaherty scooped the top Level 8 prize with his presentation on the future potential of wind energy in Ireland, including case studies from the main wind farm installations in the country that demonstrated the financial success of the technology.

CIBSE Chairman Brian West and Seamus English from sponsor HEVAC presented the prizes, which included a welcome financial boost for the students who will become leaders of Ireland’s building services industry in the coming years.

Brian Clare of DIT brought proceedings to a close and thanked the sponsor and CIBSE for their long-standing support of DIT building services students.

High Standard at Student Awards

Back Row: Brian West, and CIBSE Ireland Vice-Chair with Ciara Ahern, DIT; Micheál O’Flaherty, DIT; and David Doherty, Chair, CIBSE Ireland. Middle Row, Level 8: Callum O’Toole, Runner-up with David Keogh, Winner and Sean Flynn O’Connor, Runner-up. Front Row, Level 7: Seamus Murphy, Winner with Andrew Cruise and Gerard O’Neill, both Runner-up.

Back Row: Brian West, and CIBSE Ireland Vice-Chair with Ciara Ahern, DIT; Micheál
O’Flaherty, DIT; and David Doherty, Chair, CIBSE Ireland. Middle Row, Level 8: Callum O’Toole, Runner-up with David Keogh, Winner and Sean Flynn O’Connor, Runner-up.                                               Front Row, Level 7: Seamus Murphy, Winner with Andrew Cruise and Gerard O’Neill, both Runner-up.

This year the competition was very tight with judges commenting that the standard was getting tougher. In the BEng Technician Programme (Level 7), Andrew Cruise presented on “Micro CHP for Residental and Commercial Applications”. He delivered a convincing argument for CHP, offering details on  running costs for actual projects.

Second up saw Ger O’Neill take to the podium with “VAV & Displacement Ventilation Systems”. Ger explained and compared the two systems, detailing the pros and cons.

Finally, Seamus Murphy presented his project on “Applications of Geothermal Heat Pumps”. He explained the principal operation and benefits of a heat pump and different types of collectors.

The second part of the afternoon saw presentations from BEng (Hons) Programme (Level 8). First to present was Sean Flynn O’Connor on “Economic and Environmental Benefits of CHP Systems”. Sean detailed his findings and summarised his project.

Callum O’Toole then presented on “District Heating and its Feasibility in Ireland”. He offered actual site data from a live site to present his findings.

Last to present was David Keogh on “Cleanroom Technology & Design Analysis”. He displayed flowcharts on air movement within cleanrooms.

The awards were sponsored by CIBSE Ireland and presentations were again made by David Doherty, CIBSE Chairman. David Keogh was confirmed as winner by the judges.

Dent and Brogan attend CIBSE YEN Hong Kong Gig

Below: Adam Dent and Aaron Brogan, the CIBSE Ireland delegates to the recent CIBSE YEN Conference in Hong Kong.

Adam Dent and Aaron Brogan, the CIBSE Ireland delegates to the
recent CIBSE YEN Conference in Hong Kong.

Aaron Brogan, CIBSE Ireland YEN Chairman and Vice-Chairman Adam Dent recently attended the CIBSE YEN conference in Hong Kong. It was the first time CIBSE Ireland had a delegation at this world forum and apart from CIBSE support, both Aaron and Adam had significant support from their respective employers. Aaron is Hevac’s Project Manager while Adam is Technical Sales Engineer with Origen Energy. Both are Hevac Group companies.

After an exhausting trip the first day’s proceedings began with an introduction to the legal systems of both the Poeples’ Republic of China and Hong Kong, followed by Alan Lau who spoke about doing business as an engineer in China.

This proved very interesting as it also went into detail on how to become a chartered engineer in China. This was followed by a technical site visit to the International Centre for Commerce (ICC), Hong Kong’s tallest building. It is 490m high and has a complex array of building services, including 11 cooling towers with a total load of 5234kW and six chiller units.

After the rigours of a very interesting but quite tiring day, relaxation and entertainment followed and included a Kung Fu lesson! Day two was also a full programme and included a number of technical site visits to venues such as the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong, a district cooling plant, and a zero-carbon building run mainly from PV and solar panels. It also featured natural light tunnels and a VAV underfloor system for cold air displacement into the building. Noticeable throughout was that all scaffolding is erected using bamboo and safety nets. The day concluded with a black tie event at the British Consulate hosted by CIBSE HK.

Day three was another early morning start that involved a water jet trip to Macu and a visit to the Venetian hotel and casino resort. Here delegates saw the huge basement plant room housing large industrial chillers and twin-head chilled water pumps.

Next and final stop on the day was a basement and roof-top electrical survey of the largest casino in Macu. Day four was a dedicated CPD event held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on nextgeneration technology. The symposium ran from 7.45am to 17.30pm and covered all manner of new technologies and building services-related developments for the future.

The final day was the Global YEN Chair meeting and this was held at the Kowloon Hotel. Presentations and reports were given by all delegates with Aaron and Adam representing Ireland. Hong Kong, the UK, Australia, Belfast, Dubai and New Zealand the other branches participating.

Overall the trip proved to be very beneficial from both an engineering and networking perspective though both Aaron and Adam were not too impressed with the food. Octopus soup for lunch didn’t go down too well after a site visit but they did manage to find a McDonalds. Snickers bars also helped but, at €3 a pop and pints at €10 a go, they had to watch the pennies!

Hitachi Kicks off CIBSE YEN 5-a-side

Peter Farrell, Captain, Team Ethos Engineering with Fergus Daly, Hitachi.

Peter Farrell, Captain, Team Ethos Engineering with Fergus Daly, Hitachi.

The inaugural Hitachi-sponsored CIBSE YEN 5-a-side soccer tournament took place recently at the Astro Park complex in Tallaght, Co Dublin. Teams participating included BDP, Ethos Engineering, Hevac, IN2 Engineering, OCSC and Origen. As subs were also allowed a total of 38 players were involved.

The games kicked off at 6pm on two pitches with matches running simultaneously and lasting 10 minutes. This didn’t allow much breathing space between games with several matches running back to back. By the end of the round-robin league with all teams having played each other once, two teams — OCSS and Ethos — were joined on ten points. They then played out a hard-fought final with Ethos emerging popular winners on the night.

After the official presentations pitch side by Fergus Daly, Area Sales Manager, Hitachi Ireland, everyone adjourned to the local Metro Bar to socialise and network.

All credit to Aaron Brogan and Adam Dent, Chair and Vice-Chair respectively of CIBSE YEN for organising the tournament, and indeed for playing as well! “We are delighted with the number of teams that turned out”, says Aaron, “and a special thanks to Hitachi for their sponsorship and support. We’re confident that this will now become an annual event.”


Hevac Celebrates 40 years

While trading longevity has become less commonplace within the building services sector, especially in the light of the most recent market downturn, there are always exceptions that buck the trend. Hevac Ltd is a case in point. Incorporated in 1974, this year marks its 40th anniversary and a programme of celebratory events is planned for the remainder of 2014 to mark the occasion.

Hevac emerged from the heating and plumbing division of J.S. Lister Ltd, a group of engineering companies founded in the 1950s that included Lister Tubes, Steel Company of Ireland, Non-ferrous Metals and many others.

Having had addresses at Lomand Avenue and Ballymount Industrial Estate, Hevac moved its headquarters to Dorset Street in the 1980s, and the company continued to prosper under the private ownership and stewardship of John English. It also established “satellite” outlets in Santry (Dublin) and in Cork.

A period of substantial growth and expansion followed with Hevac moving yet again in 2001, this time to a purpose-designed 40,000 sq ft office and warehouse complex on the Naas Road, Dublin 12. A new Cork facility was developed at the same time with both locations using state-of-the-art mechanical handling systems, and crane and hoist systems, for physical management of steel tube and heavy steam/steel boilers.

Today Hevac continues to thrive with John English’s son and daughter, Seamus and Carol English, at the helm. New agencies and additional product lines are constantly added to its vast portfolio, especially in the commercial and industrial sector.

“This is obviously a very significant milestone for our company”, says Seamus English, “and I would like to acknowledge the contribution of all staff (past and present) to that success. Equally important is the successful and supportive trading relationships we enjoy with our broad customer base, and of course with our suppliers, including Building Services News.

“We look forward to a bright and prosperous shared future with all.”

Harleston Group Acquires Heat Merchants and Tubs & Tiles

Seamus English MD HEVAC

The trade and assets of Heat Merchants and Tubs and Tiles have been acquired from the High Court-appointed Liquidator of BHT Group by Harleston Group, the parent company of Hevac Ltd, for an undisclosed sum.

Of the 36 Heat Merchants branches throughout Ireland, 32 will be acquired, while 12 of the Tubs and Tiles branches will be acquired. Each branch will continue to trade as normal. Seamus English, Managing Director of Hevac said: “The acquisition of these businesses is welcome for several reasons. In effect, it saves and recapitalises two well positioned businesses which have been stressed for some time because of an onerous debt burden. It also adds strong networks and well-regarded brands to the Harleston Group.

“Harleston Group is a long-established company and we understand these businesses and the markets in which they operate. We intend to strengthen and develop the businesses in the medium to long term. We look forward to working with management and staff to address the challenges and revitalise Heat Merchants and Tubs and Tiles.”

Customers who have deposits with Heat Merchants and Tubs and Tiles (the acquired businesses) will have their deposits honoured by the new owners.