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C&F Quadrant Training Programme

Training continues to be an integral part of the C&F Quadrant offering with the focus on supporting the Glowworm and Vaillant brands. Last year was a busy year for training in attendee numbers and it also saw a significant investment in the training centre at C&F Quadrant’s headquarters in Dublin. That said, the company also offers regional training through its various supply partners.

The programme for 2018 includes a particular focus on the Munster region with a number of dedicated sessions to be held — in conjunction with C&F partner merchants — in Cork and Limerick, from 24 April to 27 April next.

For full details contact: Conor Gaffey, Tel: 086 – 205 2806, email: conorg@cfquadrant.ie or Fintan Kennedy, Tel: 086 – 257 1843, email: fintank@cfquadrant.ie