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Demand for Controls is Installer Opportunity

The Building Regulations specify that space and water heating systems should be effectively controlled. As a minimum, this requires automatic time and
temperature control of space heating and stored hot water. Provision should be made to control heat input on the basis of temperature within the heated space, e.g. by the use of room thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves, or other equivalent forms of sensing devices.

For larger dwellings, independent temperature control should generally be provided for separate zones that normally operate at different temperatures.
Thermostats should be located in a position representative of the temperature in the area being controlled and which is not unduly influenced by draughts,
direct sunlight or other factors which would directly affect performance. Depending on the design and layout of the dwelling, control on the basis of a single zone will generally be satisfactory for smaller dwellings. For larger dwellings, e.g. where floor area exceeds 100sq m, independent temperature control on the basis of two independent zones will generally be appropriate. In certain cases, additional zone control may be desirable.

Zoned heating controls
Zoned heating controls provide full control of different areas in the home, in addition to managing heating and hot water independently. This can dramatically reduce energy bills. TRVs provide an important extra control that allows the temperature to be set in individual rooms, preventing energy from being wasted on heating empty rooms. The concept is simple but highly effective.

Smart controls
Upgrading to a smart control can save homeowners up to €120 a year (Source Bord Gáis Energy) on heating bills with knock-on benefits to the environment. In addition to the substantial cost saving, smart controls offer exceptional flexibility and ensure the highest level of comfort. Although typically more expensive than installing basic load or weather compensators, a smart thermostat is likely to pay for itself through reduced heating bills faster than any
other technology covered by the regulations. Smart programmable TRVs are also available and can be fitted either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a zoned heating control system.

Another development relatively new to the domestic heating market is the concept of a central controller which works by linking all the elements of a home’s heating controls, including room sensors and electronic TRVs. Ideal for larger homes or apartments, this type of system provides wireless, programmable control of radiators throughout the property, either via the central controller or by using an app. The latest solutions mean that temperature can be controlled room-by-room and hour-by-hour, even when homeowners

SEAI Better Energy Homes grant
According to SEAI, upgrading heating controls can reduce heating energy usage by 20%. The SEAI heating controls upgrade grant value is €700 and all homeowners, including landlords whose homes were built and occupied before 2006, can apply. Homes built from 2006 onwards should have been constructed to the 2003 Building Regulations and should not need significant upgrades. This is defined as the date your electricity meter was installed.

Energy Saving Credits
Installers can claim Energy SavingCredits for the upgrade of heating system controls through an easy-to-use scheme administered by Heat Merchants. The value of credit, which is returned to the installer, ranges from €67 up to €276, depending on whether the controls are entry level, full multi-zone controls or smart controls. Energy Saving Credits are also available for full system upgrades which feature heating controls.

CIBSE Ireland ‘Florida Scramble’ Success

Overall winners — Alan Hogan, Heat Merchants with Team Winthrop Engineering members Michael Murray, Donal Clavin, Barry Hennesy and Darren Kavanagh.

This year’s primary gold sponsor was Heat Merchants, with Wilo (longest drive) and Mitsubishi Electric (nearest the pin) the two silver sponsors, and a broad cross-section of the industry sponsoring all of the individual tee boxes.

The decision to have a holiday voucher to the value of €1000 for the hole-in-one competition made for great excitement as each of the 104 golfers on the day knew that one of them was going to go home very much in the holiday mood. As it happened, Brian Harrison was the lucky winner and Alan Hogan of Heat Merchants on hand to make the presentation during the after-golf meal.

Indeed, an additional benefit of the Florida Scramble format is that virtually everyone stays on for the meal and presentation of prizes so the atmosphere is electric right up to the departure of everyone at approximately 7pm.

Apart of their generous overall sponsorship, Heat Merchant’ prize selection was also excellent and went down very well with all the winners.

Given the beautiful weather and near-perfect condition of the course, scoring was high with Winthrop Engineering emerging triumphant to claim first prize and the much-coveted PJ Doyle Perpetual Trophy. Second was the Air Movement team with Unitherm coming in third.

Longest drive was won by Declan Sherlock of Team Air Movement while Mark Fallon of the Team Heat Merchants A  won nearest the pin.

All credit to the CIBSE Ireland team on the day for making it such a special occasion, and particularly Declan Kissane who handled the registration and scoring, and then acted as MC for the evening.

Adam Dent of the CIBSE Ireland Committee made the presentations as Chairman Paul Martin, who was present for most of the day, unfortunately could not make the presentations.



Heat Merchants ‘Best Managed Company’

Paul Kane with his Heat Merchants colleagues Alan Hogan and Michael Ryan pictured with the award.

Paul Kane with his Heat Merchants colleagues Alan Hogan and Michael Ryan with their award.

Heat Merchants Group was recognised as one of Ireland’s “Best Managed” companies for the second consecutive year at the recent Deloitte best managed companies symposium and gala awards.

The award was presented following a lengthy judging process in which the complete performance of a business is assessed, moving beyond finances to such areas as operational excellence, strategy, and human resource processes.

Managing Director, Alan Hogan said: “We are honoured to be recognised as a Deloitte Best Managed Company for the second year and it is a testament to the continued commitment and contribution of each and every member of the team to ensuring the strength and resilience of Heat Merchants Group”.

John English – An Appreciation

John English

John English

His drive and business acumen set him apart from many of his contemporaries, and his personality was such that he engaged with people in a way that they too benefited from these strengths, and were encouraged to realise their own potential.

He was a very strong and at times forceful character but his leadership skills meant he brought people along with him, people believed in him and bought in to his ideas and the company philosophy. Indeed, it is no surprise that many of those now running very successful businesses in the sector were “students” of John and “graduates” of the Hevac regime.

Known variously as John, Sean or JP, he was a unique man who, despite his enormous success in business, kept his feet very firmly on the ground. The massive turnout for his funeral bears testimony to the mark of the man, not so much as a businessman but more as an incredibly decent human being who personally touched all who came into contact with him.

It is impossible to capture the essence of John English in the space available here but the three personal memories we have included do go some way to doing that.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.                                                                                                     Pat Lehane

Incredibly generous with his time                                                                                                                         I first met John when we played hurling together at Under 14 level and, over the years as we progressed up through the various age groups to minor level, we developed a strong and lasting friendship. This friendship not only continued but strengthened as we became adults and began to make our way in life. In fact, there was a time when we used to meet regularly in London when I was working there and John would be over on business.

It was during this period that we conceived the idea for the Tipperary Supporters Club and the incredible success of this initiative cemented our enduring lifetime friendship. We met regularly on Club business and of course travelled extensively together to matches all over the country.

John – or Sean as he was to me – was extremely generous. He sponsored teams at all levels and was always very supportive when it came to fundraisers such as the many golf classics we organised. However, even more important was that he was incredibly generous with his time and always available to help solve a problem, or simply to be there and listen. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of him.  Don O’Mahoney

Wanted nothing in return                                                                                                                                         I met John in 1986 when I was the Tipperary hurling manger and John was one of the founding members of the newly-established Tipperary Supporters Club. Back then county board resources were thin on the ground and … we had not a shilling to buy a hurley or a sliothar.

Right from the outset the Tipperary Supporters Club was a huge success. Throughout my time in charge of the Tipperary hurling team we went from the doldrums to winning five Munster Championships and two All Irelands. Without the Tipperary Supporters Club that would not have happened. John English typified the type of people we had on board … GAA people at heart who, like John, gave it their all and wanted nothing in return.

John and I became firm friends. From meeting up regularly at meetings and fund-raising events, and of course travelling to games, this relationship extended to our wives also. As a result Nancy and I and John and Martha became very close and indeed they both joined us on the many Tipperary team trips abroad.

There were times over the years that I went to John for support and advice on various matters, both personal and re the team, and he was always very generous with his time. I did not always like the answer I got but he was always right.

Nor was it just about friendship. John was the type of man that you genuinely respected, something which extended to all the players, at every level, who were lucky enough to come into contact with him. He will be missed by everyone he touched.                                                                                                               Babs Keating

You aspired to be like him                                                                                                                                   The John English I knew was an old-style gentleman … and a very kind and gentle man. He was also an incredible businessman, a tough task master but a very supportive and fair one. He was a strong leader but it was not a case of his way or nothing. He always encouraged your input.

I worked for him for 42 years and not a day went by that I did not look forward to going to work. Under his guidance I enjoyed a wonderful career path at Hevac, being given more responsibility and more senior roles as time went on. I was fortunate in that I worked very closely with him, especially when it came to facts and figures. He loved statistics and had an incredible grasp of the finer details at a time when computers were nothing like they are today.

His attention to detail was amazing and he had his finger on everything. He did not hide away in his office but instead spent his time on the floor. This was not in an intrusive way though. From the most junior to the most senior staff member, he treated everyone the same. He knew the role they played in the company but also knew them personally. He regarded Hevac as one big family.

He had a wonderful personality that rubbed off on all who worked for him. He inspired an incredible loyalty in people and you always wanted to do your best for him. Look at me, 42 years later and still here.                                                                                                                                                                             Evelyn Carroll

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – CPD Training

Heat MerchantsHeat Merchants will present a free CPD training seminar on combined heat and power (CHP) at the Dean Hotel, 33 Harcourt St, Dublin 2 on 27 September next between 6pm and 8pm. The main presentation will be followed by Q&As, networking opportunities and socialising. Refreshments will also be provided.

Main presentation will be by Damien Stephens, Key Account Manager, Bosch Thermotechnology, with support from Richard Davies, Technical Manager, Bosch Thermotechnology.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a highly-efficient process that captures and utilises the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process. Topics covered will include:

— Combined heat and power Introduction

— Typical projects

 — Size and design

— Financial savings

— Legislative benefits

— Remote monitoring and service

Main benefits                                                                                                                                                          — CHP is required to be considered under PART L and can satisfy up to 80% of a building’s Low CO2 heating demand;

— CHP is a cost-effective way to reduce CO2 and achieve saving requirements, delivered from a small footprint and lowest-cost per kg saving;

— CHP can also reduce utility costs and provide paybacks within five years.

Adam Dent joins Heat Merchants

Adam Dent, Heat Merchants Commercial Business Development Manager

Adam Dent, Heat Merchants Commercial Business Development Manager

Adam Dent, B.Eng, has joined Heat Merchants as Commercial Business Development Manager and will work closely with the Technical Services Team delivering mechanical services, plumbing system design, commissioning and after-sales service.

Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role having previously worked with Origen Energy (part of the Hevac Group) where he was responsible for designing bespoke systems featuring heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV and district heating projects. He is also involved in CIBSE Ireland and is currently Chair of the Young Engineers Network (YEN).

Speaking about his new role Adam said: ”It is exciting to be involved with Heat Merchants at a time when the company is building the Technical Services Division to provide complete solutions to consultant engineers and mechanical contractors. The service is covered by full professional indemnity insurance for all mechanical services design and we can now act as the assigned certifier on projects.

Contact: Adam Dent, Commercial Business Development Manager, Heat Merchants.                                 Tel: 086 – 821 0948;  email: adam.dent@heatmerchants.ie

Installers see the future of sustainable living in Japan

Vincent Mahony, Panasonic with Mick O'Shea, Mick O'Shea Heating & Plumbing and Shane Duffy, Heat Merchants

Vincent Mahony, Panasonic with Mick O’Shea, Mick O’Shea Heating & Plumbing and Shane Duffy, Heat Merchants, at the Panasonic Centre in Tokyo.

Delegates were given a tour of Panasonic’s factory in Gunma where, in addition to the existing portfolio, they were also presented with upcoming developments in the company’s heating and cooling technology. The trip included a “behind the scenes” tour of the manufacturing facility where they saw the lengths Panasonic goes to to ensure the reliability and quality of its products.

Speaking about the trip, Shane Duffy of Heat Merchants commented: “I thought the trip to Japan was a fantastic experience. The trip to the Fujisawa Smart Sustainable Town was really interesting; it was great to see the technology being put into practice that’s helping create sustainable communities. Japan always seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, so it was fascinating to see what the future holds for heating and cooling at the Panasonic factory.”

The Panasonic Centre in Tokyo provided the visitors with an insight into the future of technology across all of Panasonic’s business areas, including heating and cooling, digital AV products, healthcare services and home appliances. Technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives, and the Panasonic Centre is designed to give visitors an idea of how it will develop over the next five to ten years and how it will shape society and the world around us.

One of the definite highlights was the guided tour of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST), an initiative developed by Panasonic to showcase its latest technology and how it can be integrated into communities to create the safe and sustainable living spaces of the future.

The town was created in collaboration with the public sector and accommodates over 1000 households. Earthquakes are a significant concern in Japan and the homes in the Fujisawa SST are specifically designed, through smart technology, to resist these disasters. The town also uses a smart infrastructure to provide services to residents such as healthcare and energy, as well as providing technology such as photovoltaic panels and energy efficient heating solutions to help residents live a sustainable lifestyle

Panasonic technology, such as the company’s ECOCUTE energy efficient heat pump, helps to manage local energy generation for “self-creation and self-consumption of energy”, using a hybrid of natural energy and advanced technologies, including energy-creation, energy-storage, and energy-saving technologies.

Contact: Vincent Mahony, Panasonic Ireland. Tel: 087 – 969 4221; email: vincent.mahony@eu.panasonic.com

Ireland hosts Panasonic PRO Awards

Group including the Ireland and UK Panasonic PRO Awards winners pictured at the K Club.

Group including the Ireland and UK Panasonic PRO Awards winners pictured at the K Club.

With projects in Ireland and England winning four out of the eight inaugural pan-European Panasonic PRO Awards last month, Panasonic Ireland recently hosted the presentation of the four awards at the K Club in Co Kildare.

Panasonic PRO Partners from Ireland emerged victorious in two categories. Straffan Manor by Mulberry Properties in Co Kildare won Best Residential Project in the Multi-dwelling category. It was installed by Mick O’Shea Heating & Plumbing and supplied by Heat Merchants.

The Special Award for Best Contribution went to Tech Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for three entries in the Commercial Air Conditioning category – the Smurfit Kappa HQ, Savills HQ Dublin and Google Block R projects.

Representatives from all companies were joined in the K Club by the UK winners for a day of celebration that included golf, the formal presentations, and a dinner later that evening in a leading Dublin restaurant.

Ireland wins two categories in Panasonic PRO Awards

Panasonic Pro Awards LogoHeat Merchants was awarded Best Residential Project in the Multi-dwelling category for the Mulberry Properties’ Straffan Manor Development in Co Kildare. Installed by Mick O’Shea Heating & Plumbing, the project is a great example of how heat pumps and PV can work together to deliver energy savings.

The Special Award for Best Contribution was awarded to Tech Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for three outstanding entries in the Commercial Air Conditioning category – the Smurfit Kappa HQ, Savills HQ Dublin and Google Block R projects.

The winning entries were carefully selected by an independent team of international judges. This was made up of experts from across Europe covering architecture, building services and the heating/cooling industry. Together they decided which projects demonstrated the most flair and innovation, as well as showcasing sustainable  design, efficiency, cost effectiveness and aesthetics.

The winner of each category receives a trip to Japan that includes a visit to the Panasonic global headquarters and to the ground-breaking Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town. Fujisawa SST, as it’s known, is a model for an environmentally-minded urban area. Located 37 miles from Tokyo and with about 400,000 residents, the smart town-within-a-city is built on the vacant lot of a former Panasonic factory and its infrastructure and services are driven by sustainable sources.

The development demonstrates energy efficiency measures such as solar power generation and battery storage systems, and showcases the synergies between cutting-edge technology and a “greener” way of living. This makes it a fascinating and unique place to visit.

Commenting on the announcement, Vincent Mahony, Panasonic Ireland said: “We were hugely impressed with the high standard of entries received from PRO Partners across Europe. All showcased a real passion for sustainable design and renewable energy. The winning entries demonstrated imaginative use of technology, great integration skills and commitment to delivering effective, bespoke solutions that result in best-in-class projects. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who entered the Panasonic PRO Awards, and of course especially our PRO Partners in Ireland who fared so well.”

Contact: Vincent Mahony, Panasonic Ireland. Tel: 01 – 413 5311; Mobile: 087 – 969 4221; email: vincent.mahony@eu.panasonic.com

Heat Merchants Hosts All-industry Forum at Croke Park

Christy Kane with Alan Hogan, Managing Director, Heat Merchants Ireland.

Christy Kane with Alan Hogan, Managing Director, Heat Merchants Ireland.

Heat Merchants Group inaugural construction industry conference and trade exhibition at Croke Park Conference Centre early in November was sponsored by Bord Gáis Energy and supported by CIBSE Ireland and OFTEC.

The conference brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss the latest in renewable energy technology, water conservation measures and best practices in construction. Over 200 engineers, architects, developers and energy consultants gathered to hear expert advice from leading manufacturers. These included Panasonic, SolarWorld, Kingspan, Baxi, Firebird and Sprue.

Recent amendments to the Building Regulations governing the use of renewable energy sources and safety in the installation of heat-producing appliances in domestic buildings were reviewed. In addition to presenting technical papers, representatives from the supply partners present also manned pop-up stands that were located around the perimeter of the outer room where the food, teas/coffees were served.

Alan Hogan, Managing Director of Heat Merchant Group said: “Environmental sustainability and resource efficiency will continue to be a key driver of growth in our industry and we want to use this opportunity to share knowledge and experience from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. This will help the industry to upskill and utilise the most innovative technology available, especially in the face of the new building regulations and changing customer sentiment”.