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CIBSE Ireland Lunch €10,000 charity donation

CIBSE Ireland Chairman Paul Martin presenting John McGuinness of BUMBLEance with the cheque for €10,156.35

The annual CIBSE Ireland Christmas lunch took place in Croke Park on Friday, December 1st. The event is the highlight of the social calendar for the institute and attracts over five hundred industry attendees. Held for the first time in the Hogan suite at Croke Park.

The location offered a new dynamic to this popular event with the Liam MacCarthy and Sam Maguire cups on hand for photo opportunities. The “Welcome Reception” was sponsored by Sisk who have an affiliation with the grounds as it was a project they built.

MC Alan Shortt introduced CIBSE Ireland Chairman Paul Martin who welcomed members and guests to the lunch and thanked them for their support. The on-stage entertainment folllowed the GAA theme with a sandwich-making competition and quiz show which saw the Dubs take on the Culchies. Attendees were asked for their support to the BUMBLEance charity which saw CIBSE donate €2,000 with the audience donations bringing the total to just over €10,000.

The afternoon’s festivities wrapped up with guests allowed into the Players Lounge where music and “the sandwiches” were served.

CIBSE Ireland will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018. The committee has big plans to mark this special occasion. Full details will be announced in January.

CIBSE Ireland crowns Daly ‘King of the Sandwich-makers’

A triumphant Fergus Daly shows just how much the coveted CIBSE Annual Lunch “King of the Sandwich-makers” title means to him.

Always competitive, Fergus Daly undertook the sandwich-making contest at the recent CIBSE Annual Lunch in Croke Park with his usual enthusiasm and left Eamon McGrattan trailing far behind in his wake. “Who cares if the trophy was an imitation Gold Sandwich made of two slices of stale bread sprayed with cheap gold paint and stuck to a paper plate“, said Fergus, “it’s all about the winning. I’ve won many trophies for a variety of sporting endeavours over the years but, to capture this coveted title in the holy ground of Croke Park is something I will cherish to my dying day.

”To be fair, Eamon was a worthy opponent but my sandwiching-making technique, honed over years and years of dedicated practice, is unique. I think the stack of beautifully-presented sandwiches you see before me on the competition podium speaks for itself.

”That said, I must acknowledge the contribution of my colleagues, and our guests, at the Mitsubishi Electric table. Their encouragement and support was phenomenal. Don Hoban was particularly supportive, especially when Pat Lehane unsportingly threw me a curve ball just minutes before I was called to compete. I’ve told the organisers I’ll not defend my title next year unless Lehane if barred from the competition area.

“But to finish on a high note … here’s to sandwich-makers everywhere”.

IPFMA Annual Conference 2013 — Review, Renew, Remodel!

Vincent Hickey with Nick Leeson

The conference was comprehensively attended by property industry delegates, some travelling long distances to be in attendance.

In an era when most of us, either personally or professionally, are experiencing challenging times, it was reassuring to know the complications that present themselves in today’s business environment are being addressed, or being deliberated on, by other representative bodies and organisations with a long-term strategic view.

The assembly of presenters at the conference gave us an impartial and balanced awareness on how we might meet these challenges if we are to review, renew and remodel.

Our first speaker Aidan O’Hogan spoke about what is facing us in the commercial and residential sector in the not-too-distant future and said that if the emerging problems are not addressed we will soon face a housing crisis.

He pointed out that the current level of ghost estates had been used in the past as reason for an oversupply of housing and the reluctance to re-energise a housing programme. However, he said that the reality was that there are very few ghost estates and certain areas around the country, particularly in Dublin and Cork, are facing a massive shortfall in family dwellings.

Lorna Byrne gave us an insight into, and examples of, optimising a company’s greatest asset, its staff. She presented an in-depth look at what the work/life balance should be, along with practical examples of how companies can reward staff by way of “reward-strategy programmes”, and also keep them engaged in their roles. She spoke at length on the value of employee engagement and communications.

Lorna cited the banking industry as an example of where staff had developed low esteem due to the stigma surrounding some financial institutions. She explained how, by reviewing, renewing and remodelling in this industry, confidence among staff in this sector was returning with progressive results.

She also referred to what she likes to call the “Deal” for employees. This can cover such things as work/life balance, promotion, up-skilling etc. Essentially, she explained how rewarding an employee – not just financially – can motivate and encourage loyalty.

Luke Reaper presented a thought- provoking address on the cycles of change and behavioural attitudes in both Irish and global society. He referred to some very interesting trends within the marketing research carried out in Ireland and abroad and noted that, while some social networking sites receive negative exposure, social media marketing had increased overall.

Luke presented a very interesting example of the eminent closure of a public library and how a subsequent social media campaign delivered the positive result the campaigners were hoping for and saved the library.

Our keynote speaker Nick Leeson gave an open and frank account of how he reviewed, renewed and remodelled his own life. He gave us a relatively detailed interpretation of his life leading up to what was one of the biggest banking collapses of all time.

Nick, who has been referred to as the original rogue trader, talked about how he was left unchecked to carry out some of the biggest risk- taking financial deals of the 20th century. He also gave us an insight into the financial markets in 1995 and his role in the collapse of Barings Bank.

He went on to talk about his eventual capture, and the prison sentence he received and served in a gang-ridden Singaporean jail.

IPFMA Members’ Day 2013

Ben Gough of Wyse Managing Agents is pictured receiving the IPFMA Cup from IPFMA
Chairman Vincent Hickey on behalf of his team mates Peter Wyse, Greg Kelly and
Padraic McKenna.

The second IPFMA Members’ Day was held in June in the K Club where members and guests enjoyed a round of golf and clay pigeon shooting, followed by an evening dinner and prize giving. Thirteen teams played in the golf competition with Wyse Managing Agents taking the top prize.

IPFMA thanks the sponsors Burlington Engineering, Ennis Lifts and SOS Cleaning Services, whose support is greatly valued.

Contact: Fiona Barron, IPFMA Chief Executive. Tel: 01 – 644 5520; Email: fbarron@ipfma.comwww.ipfma.com

Annual Conference 2013                                                                                                                              Bookings are already well underway for the IPFMA Annual Conference 2013, which will take place at the Croke Park Conference Centre in Dublin on Thursday, 26 September. Based on feedback from previous years, the programme has been modified and will now commence at 10am and finish at 3.30pm.

It will feature a strong speaker line-up, including Finola McDonnell, Property Industry Ireland; Lorna Byrne of Towers Watson; Luke Reaper of Behaviour and Attitudes; and Nick Leeson, ex Barings Bank. As in previous years, there will be exhibitors promoting services to the sector.

IPFMA Skillnet Autumn Training Programme                                                                                 IPFMA Skillnet continues to provide short-term programmes and in-house training designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of those working within the property management and facility management sector.

The training fees have been subsidised by IPFMA Skillnet funding. IPFMA Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd, funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

Contact: Jane Igoe, IPFMA Learning & Development Manager at jigoe@ipfma.com for details of the programme.