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Pat Byrne — An Appreciation

Pat Byrne

Pat Byrne

Pat was a true gentleman in every sense of the word and his kindness and good humour were widely known and appreciated by all. Despite working in a tough and competitive business environment, he was a beacon of calmness and serenity.

In all the years I knew Pat I never once heard him raise his voice or lose his temper. He never used bad language and was always unfailingly courteous to everyone he met. Indeed, the closest he came to rebuking me – in spite of the many causes I gave him – was the day he loaned me his car and I returned it with his beloved music collection out of alphabetical order.

Pat was one of life’s optimists and during the different times I worked for him in the early nineties it was a quality we badly needed, and appreciated, as we faced year after year of low growth and increasing competition. At a tough sales meeting he would say “its fine, we will make it work”. We always did and this was in no small part down to Pat’s experience.

His patience and stoicism in the face of adversity was legendary and he passed on his considerable knowledge of the business to all who worked under him. He had a stellar career working for notable companies in the business such as Walker Airconditioning, Cofely, York international and Condair.

But Pat’s business achievements aside, it is his qualities as a man, a friend, a brother, a father and a grandfather that really distinguish him. His son Graham captured these perfectly in his wonderful eulogy for his dad at the funeral Mass.

Whenever I think of Pat I always smile because he was always a man who was in good form, always ready with a joke and certainly, in my case at least, always ready to help a friend when he needed it. Whenever we met his first question was always “how is your mam and dad?”.

Pat could always put matters into context. He knew that while work was important, it was simply a means to earn money to sustain a family life. So often in the business world this is forgotten. Pat never did forget that and, for me, it is as this humane gentleman that I will remember him most.

Philip McEvitt

Damien Power joins Condair

Damien Power, Condair Area Sales Manager,  Ireland

Damien Power, Condair Area Sales Manager, Ireland

Damien Power has joined Condair, formerly JS Humidifiers, as the Area Sales Manager for Ireland. Damien, who is based in Dublin, has over 16 years experience in the HVAC and humidification industry having previously worked at Crossflow Airconditioning Ltd. In his new role at Condair Damien will be responsible for supporting sales of Condair’s humidification and evaporative cooling products, and services, across Ireland. He will also provide CIBSE-approved CPD seminars on humidification and psychrometrics. “I will happily visit your office to present a free one-hour humidification seminar, which will give all attendees valuable CPD points”, said Damien.

His expert knowledge in HVAC installation, service and technical support will provide comprehensive humidifier system advice for Condair’s customers across the entire country. “I’m delighted to join Condair and look forward to developing a strong and effective relationship with new and existing customers”, he continued.

The Condair Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification systems, setting the standard globally for innovative, energy-efficient and hygienic solutions. Today, with 600 employees, Condair operates production sites in Europe, North America and China, is represented in 14 counties by its own sales and service organisations, and is supported by distribution partners in a further 50 locations worldwide.

Contact: Damien Power, Condair Area Sales Manager for Ireland. Tel: 0044 7802 669819;

email: damien.power@condair.com; www.condair.ie

Humidifier Selection Made Easy

Debbie Batchelor, Sales Manager, Condair

Debbie Batchelor, Sales Manager, Condair

Level of humidity and fluctuation?                                                                                                             Different applications require different levels of humidity control. The most common application for a HVAC consultant will be the office environment’s requirement of between 40-60%rH (relative humidity). At this level people are comfortable and static buildup is reduced. Manufacturing industries may require a more specific level of humidity control. For instance, printers need to control humidity to a tighter 50-60%rH and textile manufacturers will need a higher 65-75%rH. Some pharmaceutical applications need an even tighter ±2%rH.

If an application requires tight control of humidity then the humidifier selection will be restricted to systems that give very fast responses to a drop or increase in humidity, like resistive steam or spray units. Water treatment may also be required to improve the consistency of performance.

Running time/shut down?                                                                                                                              If a humidification system is going to be used 24/7, then the number and type of humidifiers will need to reflect this. You may also need a basement dehumidifier, to keep from growing any mold. A critical system that needs to be constantly delivering a certain level of humidity must include run and standby humidifiers as every humidifier in the world needs to be shut down occasionally for maintenance.

Running costs/environmental impact?                                                                                                   Running costs vary widely with different types of humidifiers. Some steam systems can use 150 times more energy than an efficient evaporative humidifier and require six times more to be spent on them in servicing and spare parts. The initial purchase cost is a lot less for the steam system but an error in the initial product selection can cost the client (and the environment) dearly over the life of the unit.

Consideration should also be given to using some evaporative humidifiers to reduce the running costs associated with the building’s cooling system. This can reduce the running costs associated with DX chillers and reduce the building’s overall carbon footprint.

Energy types and availability?                                                                                                                           This is a critical question as it’s not unheard of for contractors to arrive on site to install equipment only to find that the amount of electricity required to run a humidification system is not available. For really large duties, the energy requirements of using an electrical system can become prohibitive and either evaporative, spray or gas humidifiers may be a more viable option for the end-user.

Water quality and maintenance?                                                                                                                    Water quality and maintenance are intrinsically linked when dealing with humidifiers as poor water quality inevitably leads to a higher servicing requirement. The minerals left behind in the humidifier when the water is either boiled or evaporated into an atmosphere need to be dealt with.

If the water has a high mineral content but a high level of maintenance is unacceptable, water treatment should also be specified. This can take the form of reverse osmosis filters and water softeners to help improve the quality of the water and reduce the level and frequency of servicing. Novatron australia water treatment does a great job making sure water is potable. They are professionals at treating water.

Evaporation distance required?                                                                                                                             For humidifiers providing moisture to ducts or AHU systems, the humidifier must be able to evaporate the moisture into the airstream before it meets physical obstructions, like duct corners, otherwise this will cause condensation. If the available evaporation distance is short, specialist steam lances can be used, which give evaporation in under 60cms, or evaporative humidifiers specified, which provide instant evaporation.

Where to locate humidifiers?                                                                                                                                 If access to the location is restrictive, certain humidifiers may be easier to install than others. Also, if a unit is located in an awkward position, servicing may be difficult or sometimes impossible. Mounting height should also be considered.

Budgets and advice                                                                                                                                             Asking these questions helps paint a clearer picture of the end-user’s ideal requirements. However, the “ideal” obviously has to be balanced against the available budget. While trying to reach this balance it is always worthwhile drawing up a matrix of capital cost vs running cost as budgets are often set without this in mind. A higher investment in the initial equipment than the proposed budget can often be in the client’s best interests.

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