Welcome new approach to heat pumps in DEAP

February 16, 2016 , , ,

HPA SQUARE logoIn a move that has been wholeheartedly welcomed by the sector, SEAI has updated the methodology for heat pumps in the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP).

The approach to heat pumps now applicable in DEAP is based on mandatory performance requirements for heat pumps across Europe under the Ecodesign (2009/125/EC) and Labelling (2010/30/EU) European directives.

This update uses test data to standards IS EN 14825-2013 for space heating and IS EN 16147- 2011 for water heating and derives seasonal performance data for entry in DEAP based on IS EN 15316-4-2-2008.

These directives are a legal requirement for heat pumps placed on the market from 26th September 2015. Where heat pumps are not required to comply with and do not comply with those directives, then the methodology uses the current approach in DEAP V3.2.